We started life as an agency back in 1997. That’s a year before Google was formed so we’ve seen a fair bit of change in the industry over those 21 years. Many incredible digital innovations have come and gone in that time, in what is a constantly evolving industry, but at our core our service and ethos has never changed.

“We help you market your business to the right people at the right time online. We make sure those people can navigate your site easily so they then go on to buy your products or services. We then work with you continuously to analyse, refine, improve and adapt online so you are constantly reaching your targets.”

We have a close knit team of over 20 digitally obsessed experts who not only know the best ways to help you succeed online, but just as importantly they don’t blind you with science. Transparency and clear two-way communication has always been at the heart of how we work. Meet some of the team here or find out more about the past 21 years below:


Started life in a broom cupboard above the Elite Model agency in Covent Garden, London. Built first web site with a copy of "Websites for Dummies" and many late nights.

Realised the distraction of Naomi Campbell downstairs was too much and moved out of town. Naomi didn't come with us.

Began to work with Google Adwords and explore the then murky world of SEO.

Approached by Superbowl Champions "The Philadelphia Eagles" to produce a series of Flash kids and viral games. Politely declined their offer to visit our "HQ" and assured them we could work via email! We weren't sure the nail salon below us could handle the visit.


Moved to Tonbridge High Street and took on our first flash developer to help drive traffic to the websites we built for customers via "viral games"

Created a flash putting game for a golf start up that was featured in the Sun and Steve Wright on Radio 2 and subsequently received over 1m plays.

Launched an online information portal for the insurance industry and persuaded Reuters to give the first free news feed seen in the market. Persuaded Audi and British Airways to take some of the first ever banner ad space sold in the UK.

Produced websites for a series of insurance brokers as the birth of the commercial internet really takes shape.


Take over two floors of larger offices in Tonbridge and the team grows to 10. Work includes one of the web's first virtual world for Kids and rebrand for Cats Protection plus bespoke CMS build for every branch in the UK.


Digital marketing in the form of PPC and SEO really becomes a main stream and affordable tool for any business. We begin to see some incredible results for customers through common sense approaches to SEO and launch a separate dedicated division.

Facebook and Twitter become acceptable additions to the digital armoury and games see a return embedded within timelines.


Become a RAR accredited Recommended Agency and win a Drum Award.


Alfsop Bert (Better known as Bobby) joins us. MCM Net become Google Partners.


Take over the rest of our building. Build the obligatory games room and see customers really embrace the full service model and the benefits it brings.


Deon Kloppers, previously of Maersk and Lightmaker, joins as Operations Director. Chris Simpson, previously Search Works, joins as Non-Executive Director.

Start raising money for Alzheimer's Society and the team start helping out monthly at the Tonbridge day centre.


MCM Net Training courses "DIY Digital Marketing" are born. More staff join as our full service client list rapidly grows.

Team building day starts with disaster as Go Pro lasts less than 10 minutes before throwing itself to a slow lingering death at the bottom of the Medway.

A huge year for us culminates with the Christmas party involving Geese herding!


Carl Winter becomes Head of Digital Marketing and continues to expand the DM team.

Digital marketing for Charities as a service rapidly grows as we focus our skills on helping the Third Sector.

A series of new training courses are launched including PPC, Analytics and Social Media to sit alongside our DIY talks.


Working closely with University of Kent, we welcome our first Employability points interns.

September sees us celebrate our 20th birthday - raft building and paddle boarding - Sam joins and is younger than MCM Net!.

We welcome our first Icelandic clients.


21 years old, and what a year!

Deon Kloppers becomes Managing Director.

We launch offices in Iceland and South Africa.

We become ACEVO premier partners, cementing our commitment to the charity sector. We also sponsored the Third Sector awards.

The games room finally caves to the pressure and loses half its floor space!