Why should we use MCM Net when we have a digital marketing team in-house?

MCM Net have 21 years experience in digital marketing and we work with a variety of charities day in day out. We understand the challenges you come up against and have experience in how to overcome them. We provide a ‘fresh pair of eyes’ with a proven record of helping not for profits to succeed online. We do not want to replace your in-house team, only enhance it! We want to be seen as a friendly extension of your team.

We don’t have a digital marketing team at all. Can you still help?

Of course, we can handle all of your digital marketing if you need us to. We would just need to discuss your objectives and find out more about your organisation before creating and deploying a bespoke digital marketing strategy.

Why choose MCM Net over another agency?

MCM Net can offer much more than many agencies. We are full service, which means we manage all aspects of your online presence. Not only that, we do this all in house from our Kent based office without outsourcing...

Our team are friendly, honest and ethical with a wealth of talent and experience. We are recognised by the industry, by Google and by our clients for our outstanding results and service levels.

We have a passion for helping charities and like to give something back to the sector – which is why we offer our training sessions and advise completely free of charge.

We are a small charity; are your services affordable for us?

Yes, we know most charities rely on fundraising and therefore spending budgets are tight, we offer affordable packages which, over time, will pay for themselves.

Who will I be working with?

When you join MCM Net, you will be allocated an Account Manager, who will be responsible for the development of your digital strategy and the deployment of all activity. Your Account Manager will be available to you for any questions you may have whilst working with us. Please visit our team page to find out more about the people behind MCM Net.

How will I be kept up to date?

Depending on the chosen package, you will receive either weekly or monthly reports that will be partnered with a catch up phone call with your Account Manager. We also love to see our clients face to face, so we will most likely invite you here for a meeting or come to see you to discuss how things are progressing.

We are a small charity with limited budget, where do we start?

Give us a call! Take advantage of the free training we offer and the free advice we can give you. 

The first thing we will encourage you to do is focus on your website. There’s little point running digital marketing campaigns and directing an audience to your website if once they get there your cause is unclear or there’s no opportunity to get involved and support your organisation.

The next thing we would suggest is taking advantage of the Google Ad Grant. This is FREE advertising available to most charitable organisations and is an invaluable opportunity that really shouldn’t be missed. You should also look at creating a presence on social media.

Don't forget, we can offer you free advice around this and more, so feel free to get in touch for more help on getting started on growing your charity with digital marketing.

Where do I go if I am only looking for advice?

Come to us! We offer free advice for non-profit organisations and we would be more than happy to help you with any questions you have related to digital marketing, any challenges you have (if any), or if you’d simply like some more information about the platforms available to you.

How will digital marketing benefit my charity?

There are huge rewards available to charities who choose to invest in digital marketing. It will bolster your online presence, increase donations and help to meet targets, lead to recruiting more supporters and volunteers and raise awareness for your organisation, your cause and your campaigns.

Digital marketing is cost effective and will allow you to explore a new audience of potential supporters and volunteers, as well as putting your charity in front of a new audience of people who may be able to benefit from your services.

Digital marketing can be tracked instantly and success can be measured in real time, which will allow you to refine your activity until you feel it is performing at its best.

We are trying to promote a particular event / campaign, do you provide campaign support?

Yes, we have years of experience helping charities to make campaigns successful. Once we understand the campaign, who the target audience is and the budget available for the campaign, we will put together a campaign strategy. The campaign strategy will highlight which of the platforms to focus on, define the target audience persona’s as well as producing ideas for ad copy. Once you are happy with the strategy we propose, we can deploy the activity and monitor its success!

How do I demonstrate the value of digital marketing to my board?

In order to demonstrate the value that digital marketing can add to your organisation, we would suggest running a Proof of Concept campaign with us, whereby you allocate us a set budget and allow us to show you what we can do! We are confident that the results will speak for themselves.

We can also help you demonstrate the value of digital marketing by sharing case studies which showcase the results we have been able to help other charities to achieve. We can even assist you in putting together a business case.

Is your offering a standard offering, or tailored to our specific needs?

The causes, beneficiaries, supporters, needs, situations and budgets of our clients will vary, which is why our offering is bespoke to your organisation. We would much prefer to assess your requirements and provide you with solutions which we know will work, rather than throw lots of standard services at you which won’t necessarily help your organisation to grow.

Can you assist in upskilling our team?

Yes, we know how valuable it is for charities to have digital marketing skills in-house, which is why we run the Academy. Our Academy offers free training sessions for nonprofit organisations covering a wide range of topics. From an introduction to digital marketing (DIY Digital Marketing) through to discipline specific courses such as Google Ads and Social Media. These sessions are held at our office in Tonbridge, easily accessible from London, with the option to get involved online via the training webinar.

If you are looking for something more specific to your charity we can tailor a training session bespoke to the needs of your team, which we can host at your office to maximise the amount of people involved.