Why we Help Charities Do Good Better

We are an ethical company with a caring team and have a strong track record of working with charities.  We have worked with some amazing businesses over the years, but we quickly realized that we wanted to focus exclusively on working with organisations that are trying to make a difference and help them maximise their limited resourcing. 

Our passion and desire to help drive success and ethos of wanting to make a difference, combined with our expertise in cutting edge digital marketing and social communication, makes us a great cultural fit for charities and nonprofits.  We know this because those we have already worked with, tell us. 

How we give back...

Our office culture and values are geared towards helping others and giving back to the third sector.  We demonstrate this by:

Encouraging And Supporting Staff Engagement

The MCM Net team are given the opportunity to use one workday per month to go out and do something worthwhile, by volunteering for a nonprofit organisation of their choice.

Sponsoring The Kent CEO Network

MCM Net are proud sponsors of the Kent CEO Network, where CEO’s from a variety of charities are invited quarterly to meet and discuss the successes and challenges of running a charity. These events are extremely popular and not only allow us to offer our expertise where required, but also allow us to develop our knowledge of the charity sector and its challenges even further.

Supporting The Local Community

We try to help promote, support and get involved with local events and giving campaigns.

offering Free Training, Workshops and webinars

Our training academy offers free training to nonprofit organisations so that you and your team can be equipped with the digital skills needed to confidently meet fundraising and awareness goals. We provide training both in our office or via webinar to make access easier for those organisations who are unable to travel to us. The training that we typically provide includes:

DIY Digital Marketing

This workshop is an introduction to digital marketing and perfect for the CEO looking for a high-level overview of what digital marketing is all about, why it is important and what channels are available to charities.

Ad Grant Management

Google provide charities with roughly £7,500 worth of free advertising spend per month. While the advertising spend is free, there are a number of prerequisites that need to be fulfilled in order to secure this monthly grant. This workshop is aimed at those who have a very basic understanding of Google AdWords and would like to get more hands on, but just don’t know where to start. The course will give you the ability to either manage your own campaigns, or simply analyse and interrogate what’s being done by a third party to ensure that you are getting the best possible return while remaining compliant.

Organic Social Media

Social media, as you know, is the biggest and most commonly used channel by charities. This trend is unlikely to change and as user engagement continues to evolve, it is important for charities to provide engaging and relevant content. Our organic social media workshop is ideal for those individuals managing social media channels.

Paid Social

Paid social is a powerful tool that not only allows you to target your ‘likes’ and ‘followers’ but can also get charities access to specific, tailored audiences with demographics of their choice. In this workshop, social media experts will show you how powerful paid social can be for achieving fundraising and awareness results.

offering Free Advice for Charities

We want to help non-profit organisations achieve their fundraising, volunteering and awareness goals in any way we can via digital marketing. We know that there are a variety of online platforms which can boost your campaigns, grow your brand awareness and increase your online income. Which is why we offer free advice, or just a point in the right direction. Simply get in touch and we can help.

offering a Digital Marketing Grant – ACEVO Members

In 2018, we offered a grant to the equivalent of £5,000 worth of our time to 2 members of the charity network, ACEVO. The lucky winners were Efficiency North and Age Concern Lancashire. With no strings attached and no financial commitment, the grant could be used in the ways which the charity would benefit most, be that Google Ad Grant management, strategy development, social media or activities related to search engine optimisation. We are currently completing research with a variety of charities in order to refine this grant ready for us to offer it again in the future.