23 October 2019

Are You Compliant with the Google Ad Grants Policies?

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By Paige Jones

Google Ad Policies

Updated Ad Grants policies were effective as January 2018, but we speak to many organisations that are still unsure whether they are compliant, or who have had their accounts suspended as a result of not meeting the requirements. We know just how valuable the Google Ad Grants programme is, so we have highlighted the policies below to help keep you on track.

A reminder of the policies:

-          No single word keywords – No single keywords are permitted outside of pre-defined exceptions (exceptions can be seen here).

-          No generic keywords – No overly generic keywords that do not indicate the search intent of the user.

-          No keywords with a quality score of 2 or less – keywords are rated by quality out of 10, 1 being the lowest. We recommend that you set up an automated rule that means any keywords with a low quality score are paused so you can review.

-          No branded keywords that you don’t own – trademarked keywords and names of other organisations should not be bid on using the Ad Grant.

-          Account to maintain a 5% click through rate (CTR) each month – whilst a month’s grace is given here, a CTR of less than 5% over 2 consecutive months puts you at risk of having your account temporarily deactivated. If you are seeing a CTR of 5% then you should pause keywords that have high impressions with low click through rates and review these individually.

-          At least 2 ad groups per campaign – You can have as many as you want (the limit is 20,000).

-          At least 2 ads per ad group – relevant ads for your targeted keywords.

-          At least 2 sitelink ad extensions – linking to specific, relevant landing pages.

-          Campaigns have geo-targeting – relevant to the locations you serve. If you are simply targeting all countries and territories, then Google is likely to suggest that this is not relevant. 

-          Conversion tracking – Accounts created after January 2018 and using Smart Bidding strategies need to have valid conversion tracking in place.

-          Log in to account at least once every 30 days – set yourself a reminder to log into the account at least once a month.

-          Complete annual survey – most grantees will be sent a survey each year, ensure you submit your responses to Google.

Ultimately, whilst Google is offering $10,000 worth of free in-kind advertising to nonprofit organisations, Google wants to make sure that ads being served are of a good quality, are relevant and valuable to the users. Policies such as this ensure that this is the case and that users of the search engine are having positive experiences.

Remember that accounts can be suspended as a result of not complying with the policies, so we recommend running an audit of your account to ensure you are not at risk of temporarily losing your grant.

MCM Net are one of a handful of UK members of the Google Ad Grants Certified Professionals community, we have exclusive access to advanced education and interaction with the Ad Grants team, are first to be exposed to new tools and features and provide feedback to guide future Ad Grants strategies.

If your account has been suspended and you need help to get it reactivated, or if you want to maximise your Ad Grants results to generate more donations, event signups or volunteer applications, get in touch with MCM Net today on 01732 368120.

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