20 August 2019

Donation functionality for Instagram Stories has now been made available to UK users

By Paige Jones

Instagram Stories allow users to share photos and videos to their profile, which are automatically deleted after 24 hours. Stories can be customised with the addition of text, emojis and stickers.

This new fundraising functionality means that users can now add a donation sticker to their Stories, in order to create a fundraiser for any of the eligible charities listed within the function. It’s simple to add the sticker to a Story:

-          Select ”add to story” on your profile

-          Choose/take a video or image

-          Click on the square smiley face in the menu

-          Select the donation sticker

-          Choose your charity

-          Edit fundraiser title

-          Click done

Once this has been added, the sticker will show the selected charity logo, a fundraiser title and a donate button. Any user that views the fundraiser Story can then donate within the Instagram platform. Even better news - Instagram has stated that 100% of the money donated through this channel will be given to the charities. 

Not only will this new functionality make it easier for your marketing, fundraising and communication teams to generate income via the social media platform, but it will also allow your supporters to become advocates for your charity and put you in front of their followers, which is potentially a whole new audience.

In order for your charity to benefit from this feature, you must:

1. Have a charity Instagram page which is set up as a business page

2. Have your charity Instagram page linked to your charity Facebook page.

3. Be signed up for Facebook Charitable Giving Tools

4. Be signed up for Facebook Payments

If you need help in order to become eligible or want to find out how to take advantage of the new donation sticker functionality, get in touch with MCM Net on 01732 368120.

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