Free advertising for charities - what’s the catch? Well, there isn’t one! Google wants to give back, and this is how they do it (and have been for a while). That means, all charities and non-profits are eligible for $10,000 worth of in-kind advertising through Google Ads. This allows you to rank above organic search results in Google for your target keywords and gain the attention of potential supporters, donors and volunteers for FREE!

As a member of the Google Ad Grant Certified Professional Community, we can apply for, set up and manage your Google Ad Grant to help you maximise exposure, clicks and most importantly conversions.

Already got an Ad Grant account up and running? No problem. We can carry out a free audit to make sure it’s set up correctly and delivering as it should. And yes, this is completely free too!

Want to run it in-house? No problem either. We offer training sessions through our Academy so that you can manage the accounts independently in-house.

Six Stages to Ad Grants Success

Want help managing your Google Ad Grant? This is what we can do for you.

Step 1: Check that you are eligible

Step 2: Follow the set-up process to get your Ad Grant active

Step 3: Assist you in putting together a business case for the ongoing management of the Grant to your trustees or higher management

Step 4: Research your target audience and other charities raising funds for your cause (or similar causes)

Step 5: Put together a detailed 6-month strategy that’s in line with your objectives and fundraising targets

Step 6: Manage and optimise your ad campaigns daily to get you the best results

As members of the Google Ad Grant Certified Professional Community, we have access to Google experts and their latest training resources, so our service and knowledge is always top level.

Help, My Ad Grant Account Has Been Suspended

Don’t panic, you're not alone and we can help get you back up and running! We have a stringent process in place that ensures all Ad Grant accounts remain compliant.


We have been working with MCM Net for more than 10 years now both on the web development and digital marketing front. The MCM Net team are technically competent, have a good understanding of the charity sector and a real passion for what they do. I highly recommend them to all my colleagues out there.

Rob Marsh | West Kent YMCA