We understand the challenges you may face when it comes to choosing the right channels and moments for raising awareness, as well as battling with budget constraints. Perhaps you find allocating time to plan and innovate difficult? You are probably having to balance multiple communication priorities, with requests coming at you from different teams and departments - all needing to promote key messaging ie publicising an event, promoting the latest campaign, seeking challenge event team members, advertising vacancies, sharing helpful articles and advice. Then there is the target for signing up those new supporters for the newsletter and bringing in more and more donations and all that whilst ensuring the ethos of the organisation is at the heart of everything you do.  It can be overwhelming!

We can help you focus. We have the skills and experience to help you overcome these challenges. We take the team approach.  We will work with you to plan and implement a digital marketing strategy that will help you stay on track, meet your fundraising and awareness targets as well as shouting about your successes and impact and then help you deliver it.

The team approach

We work with nonprofits as partners and aim to be an extension of your fundraising and income generation teams; helping your charity to do good better.

By using a combination of your Google Ad Grant, social media platforms, pay per click activities, search engine optimisation and even website development we help meet fundraising, recruitment and awareness goals. We’ll advise you on a combination of services which are likely to benefit you the most and if we think something won’t work, we’ll tell you.

Our working relationship with you will always be friendly and flexible, offering advice and as much support as is required along the way.