The key social platforms have incredible reach and since users across networks such as Facebook and Twitter populate their profiles and pages with vast amounts of personal information, it's possible to create highly targeted adverts tailored specifically towards your target audience.

Segmentation is key - whether you are targeting generation x, z, millennials or baby boomers - reaching out to users based on their geographic location, social interests and demographics allows us to help you to create bespoke, highly tailored and cost-effective campaigns that drive likes, shares and raise your charity’s awareness.

Through designing your ad creative and visuals, profiling your target demographic and launching and monitoring your social advertising campaign, we'll help you to achieve your campaign objectives.

Social Experts

At MCM Net we have the experience and track record to implement social advertising campaigns that raise awareness and increase supporters.


  • Help you select the most appropriate social platform based on your business objectives.
  • Create audiences based on your databases, users that have visited your website and entirely news ones that share similar interests to your existing supporters.
  • Create enticing, high-quality ads, and place them in front of your audience using the various advanced targeting options available.
  • Regularly optimise your ads by refining the message, format and frequency so that your ads are always showing the right message to your target audience at the right time.
  • Rigorously test to ensure that the ads you’re spending money on are performing as well as they possibly can.
  • Track the user journey and feedback on the performance of your campaign to see how well your ads are performing against the stated objectives.

MCM Net went above and beyond to deliver a creative campaign in a very short timeframe. They were flexible, responsive and a pleasure to work with.

Maddy Lawson | Alcohol Change