Our SEO service is designed to keep pace with Google's continual algorithmic changes. Using ethical techniques, we've helped a variety of charities gain the top positions in Google and stay there.

When it comes to increasing your online exposure, search engine optimisation is a must have, cost effective, mainstay of your digital marketing strategy. Get it right and you'll have targeted, highly relevant inbound traffic streaming through your site. Get it wrong and Google will soon show you just how harsh it can be, and you may even be dropped from the rankings.

We have an exceptional and demonstrable track record in increasing online exposure for our charities through SEO. No smoke, no mirrors, just good clean hard-earned results that will continuously deliver the traffic you want. We do not use short term or underhand techniques and our focus is centred on a process that gets you to the top and keeps you there long term.

Results Driven

SEO does not work overnight. Nor should you trust agencies that guarantee you first place results for your keywords. However, because our team has a history of applying proven strategies that work, we're confident that given the time, we will deliver the results that you desire.

SEO Process

Keyphrase Analysis

Keyphrase analysis establishes which keyphrases potential supporters are using to find your charity, and for which your site needs to be achieving strong natural results.

We'll work with you to select the keyphrases that will generate increased search engine traffic and a maximum return on your investment.

On-page Optimisation

Having established the phrases your audience is using to find your charity, on-page optimisation is the process which ensures that your website appeals to search engines when users search for such phrases.

We'll ensure that your website content is written in a way that is appealing to users and to search engines for the given phrases.


We explicitly do not 'buy links', but instead build citations through outreach and offering quality content to webmasters. Our outreach strategy is based on offering a diverse range of content that adds value both to webmasters, their readership and your charity.

We achieve this firstly through creating engaging content, and secondly through our online networking efforts. Our content consists of engaging and thought-provoking articles and blogs, infographics, social media and niche directories.

We have been working with MCM Net since 2009 when they totally rebuilt our website and helped us move into the digital arena. They also work wonders on our PPC and SEO and have achieved some fantastic returns for us. Outside of the standard work the team are constantly coming up with new and innovative ideas to help us market our brand and I couldn't recommend them more highly to any charity.

Lee Derrick | Cats Protection